Story of Yasad

What Is Yasad?

Yasad is the Hebrew translation of the word establish. Here on Yasad you will be taken through a world of creative writings, opinions, research, and reviews/interviews.


First Book

January 19th

The Essence We Feel, is inspired by the emotion of anger. It is a short story/ poetry book. Filled with emotions that people feel on the day to day basis. Reading this is like reading into a new world, a new feeling.


"Writing is the geometry of the soul"



Geionie Arie

Renowned Writer


My Vision

My vision is to inspire other young creative writers to start writing. That their gift that are given is for them to use and not hide. Empowering those around to keep being creative and be who they really are. When accomplishing this I envision my books becoming movies or even shows; streamed on any streaming platforms. Such as Netflix, Hulu, HBOmax , and others.


"Writing is the geometry of the soul"




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