The place where.

I’m from a place where streets are quiet

The pines from trees fall at scene

Where the wind whistles and sings

Fresh air is what I always breathed

In a wide-open field where a park will lie

A place where people know you and I

Many people would come and go

Seeing the gorgeous mountain from where I stand

Calm, mellow as homemade food is on the table

Peaceful as i dream a dreamy dream

Chilly when the chilliest months come

And warm when the sun beams

As restless as it may seem

Loud car horns at the night

Flash, flash, flash the phone goes

People attract from many different states

Tall buildings as famous people sit at the top

A hot get away where pools filled of smiles

Dry air and bright lights are all you see and breathe

Cultural food places on east and west

Clothing stores is always at its best

You’ll think there’s a beach

But all around is an endless sea of sand

Miles away is another homeland

For unlike home the stars cannot be seen.

This place is what I dream, dreams

#poetry #worldofimagination #creativewriter

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